New Members

Membership of Sure Word Assembly is open to all irrespective of race, tribe or colour. However, while worshipping the Lord in any of our services is free and comes with no obligations, becoming a member of the church is for born-again Christians and requires certain commitments:

• To worship God alone through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
• To live by the doctrine and principles of the Holy Bible as taught by the church
• To pursue the realization of the mission and vision of the church
• To serve God with your time, talent and money

To become a member of Sure Word begins with attending any of our services. You will then attend a one-session membership class which will get you acquainted with the basic things you must know about the church. You will be required to fill the membership form and, that’s it, you are a member!

When you become a member, the church is committed to you. You can freely network and fellowship with the other members in the general church or small groups. You will enjoy the prayer support of the brethren and the pastoral care of our pastors. Should you have any need, we will respond to you through your group fellowship.

Sure Word Assembly is a good church to belong to. We invite you to join our growing membership today.