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A Word in Season Feb

Mark Caine it was that said that the first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. His assertion could not be more relevant than now when everything around us seems to conspire against our dreams and aspirations. That is normal, anyway, because life has never been a stroll in the park. But what you make of life is entirely dependent on how you respond to it.

I love the story of the baby eagle which was hatched among chicks. A farmer had found a lone egg in his farm and, thanking providence, took it home and put it among other eggs in his poultry. As the baby eagle grew up, it looked every bit like the other chicks. It scavenged for food in the dirt and submitted to the pecking order. But it could not help noticing that other “chicks” like them were flying in the open sky above. Then came a vista of possibility that maybe it could also fly. It was a thought that would not go away. So, the eaglet kept its head up, knowing that there was more to life that the world they knew. One day, inspired by the birds flying above, it found the courage to stretch its wings in the wind and off it flew away.

Beloved, you have a choice, and that is to live your life like a chicken or like an eagle. It’s a choice between a low life and a higher life. You can surrender to the culture of your environment and accept the limitations of your world or you can see the possibilities around you, stretch yourself beyond your present confinement and soar like the eagle. Amazingly, while the earth is filled with all manner of junks to impede your movement, the sky has no speed bumps.

Many things, of course, would want to force your head down. Like your daily struggle to make a living with little or nothing to show for it; failures and setbacks that you just cannot put behind you; a marriage that has left you broken and bruised; inner pain and frustration that you labour hard to drown in a pool of activities; sickness that has stolen your joy; and many more. But until you look beyond them, you cannot rise above them. So, no matter what you are going through, keep your head up!


There is a glut of information out there and most of it is harmful to your desire for a better life. When all you hear is that you are no good and that there is no life better than what you have known, there can only be one conclusion: that’s coming from a chicken well adjusted to its environment. That’s why you must choose what and who you listen to. What you hear shapes your beliefs and your beliefs create your future.

To the world, bad news is big news. Sometimes, I get so fed up with bad news that I stop reading newspapers and watching the news. Bad news has a way of choking out your faith and making you resign to your fate. So, what should you do? Embrace good news. Listen to things that will build up your faith and give you the inspiration and motivation to excel. And there can be none better than the Word of God. A daily habit of reading the Bible will do wonders for you. Add to that a regular attendance of a church that teaches the Sure Word of God and your success is guaranteed.


Your friends have a direct bearing on how far you go in life. Don’t hang out with people who have so adapted to their circumstance that they see no other possibilities. Friends with a “chicken mentality” will only give you all the reasons to remain at their level. Those who see no good in you will not make good friends either. Seek out and befriend people who inspire and challenge you with their lives and achievements. If your friends do not encourage you to go for more or to live a better life, you are in the wrong company. And if you are in the wrong company, you can change – like the baby eagle.

That is one benefit of belonging to a Bible teaching church. It puts you in company of people of faith, friends who can provide you with the encouragement you need to excel in life. And that can contribute to your success more than you can tell. It can save your marriage, help your business or career and even keep you alive.


I pray that the power of God locate you right now wherever you are and turn around your life and circumstance for good. Whatever your need, I command it to be supernaturally met in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I bring an end to every satanic affliction in your life. I speak grace into your life and into your business and family. I declare that a new chapter of your life begins today, in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!

I invite you to join me in Sure Word Assembly this Sunday. You will be glad you did.

Article written by Dr. Dennis Inyang (

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