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When Apostle Peter said that one day is like a thousand years with God, I believe that he was making the point that the Almighty is not regulated by time. If that is so, it means that the years on the Gregorian calendar don’t matter much to Him. Of course, He made day and night, times and seasons but they are all for our benefit, not His. It gives us a sense of progress, doesn’t it, that we have transited from one year to another? That is why multitudes throng the church for crossover service every year to praise their way into the New Year. When the noise from our firecrackers has died down and we emerge from the flurry of our New Year pleasantries, the most remarkable benefit of the New Year is that it gives us a fresh opportunity to start again.

I don’t make light of New Year resolutions, especially when they are borne out of a genuine desire to chart a new course. It’s a way of setting new goals, which, you will agree with me, everyone should do. What is wrong with deciding, for example, that this year you will give more attention to your family? Or that, unlike previous years, you will begin this January to save at least ten percent of your income? Or that you will start attending church regularly? (I hope that is Sure Word Assembly!) I think that people deride the making of such resolutions because they believe that those who make them will not keep them. Maybe you made some resolutions you could not keep last year. Do it again and trust God to help you keep them. It’s through such efforts that we get better and achieve more.


Even more than making resolutions, I believe your first task this year should be to sort out your priorities because everything else will depend on it. You cannot afford to be the proverbial Jack of all trade who masters nothing. Choose your course and stick to it for the rest of the year. That’s a proven recipe for success.

You know, you don’t have to do everything to succeed. If you do one thing, the right thing, over a reasonable period of time, your success is guaranteed. For most people, failure is not because they do nothing but because they do too much. And because they do too much, their best efforts are always not good enough. Since you can’t do everything well, restrict yourself then to what is important.

For every child of God, Jesus our Master gave us our priority in Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” He did not say that other things are not important but that they are not as important as seeking the kingdom. What is more? When you get your priority right by putting the things of God first, you will automatically attract the other blessings of life.


Twelve months is not a long time, unless you are in a cell watching the clock and counting your days. Before you realise it, the year will be gone. But what story you have to tell at the end of it will totally depend on you. My sincere advice is that you forget the past, set your eyes on your goals, roll up your sleeves and get to work. And, whatever it is you planned to do this year, please start early. What that means is that you should start NOW! Those who wait for the perfect time or for the economy to be right never get to start anything. Like someone said, the best time to start anything is yesterday; the next best time is today. Of course, there is nothing like a perfect start. Every start is imperfect and subject to improvement along the way. What should you do this year towards the attainment of your vision that you did not do last year? Is there a better way of doing things you were doing before? Do you require new information, new skills or a new approach? The earlier you asked yourself those questions the better. The answer will revolutionise your work, provide new excitement and increase your productivity.


If you want this year to be a great and memorable year, you must attempt great things. Do the things that stretch your capacity and challenge your faith. If your goal does not stress you, it’s probably not big enough. What does not make you groan will not make you shine. Yes, your goal must be so audacious that many will consider it unreasonable. It must be such as will compel you to absolutely depend on God knowing well that your ability alone will be inadequate.

Anyway, if you love the easy life on easy street, the last paragraph will not appeal to you. Neither should greatness interest you. But if you thirst for the joy of seeing your dreams come true, you must be ready to pay the price. There is no other way.

Join me this Sunday in Sure Word Assembly. You will be glad you did.

Article written by Dr. Dennis Inyang (

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