To enhance capacities of African communities for individual self development as a key to communal growth and improved living standards.


* To assist African communities with development tools and infrastructure for improved, wholesome and meaningful living.

To precipitate, inculcate and foster individual and communal participation in development programmes as it relates to education, health, enterprise and leadership.

To promote a culture of excellence in the African community and to foster the values of servanthood, accountability and integrity in leadership.ExcelAfrica3

To work for the eradication of poverty in the African continent through the development of micro-enterprise and the provision of relief to the poor.

To empower youths through the award of scholarships to improve themselves and contribute to the development of their communities.

To engage in works of charity and to establish welfare amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, orExcelAfrica2phanages, recreational and vocational centres.

To provide relief for victims of disasters through adequate mobilization of relief materials to internally displaced persons during periods of emergency and crisis either through war, social unrest or natural disasters.

To embark on youth development programmes that will correct and address all peculiar social problems that confront youths and safeguard their rights to meaningful living.SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS

To promote and foster volunteer culture by encouraging the society to get involved in community development without waiting for organized government sector in the provision of amenities that make for meaningful living and social development.

PARTNERSHIP: Excel Africa is willing and ready to partner with local and international organisations and agencies to carry out any of it’s objectives

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