Read Testimonies

Read Testimonies

Revelation 12:11

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death …


    I thank God for healing me of High Blood Pressure. Before the miraculous healing, I had overdosed on my drugs in a bid to find cure but God healed me. Praise God. 
    Sis. Grace Phillip

    The ministry of Pastor Dennis Inyang has been a blessing to my family and I. It has strengthened my marriage and we are celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary earlier this year. Also, my wife recently set up an eye clinic. This couldn’t have been possible but of the grace of God manifested through the ministry of our Pastor. 
    Dcn. Chinedu Nwachukwu

    For a long time, I had this pain in my back. The pain began to spread to my arms and then to other part of my body. I went to the hospital for an x-ray and was given a lot of drugs. I took the drugs but I was still not healed. During the healing service held on Good Friday, I believed God for total healing and decided not to take the drugs anymore. Today, I’m completely healed. Praise God! 
    Sis. Helen Christian

    In 2009, I had to undergo a spinal cord surgery to remove a tumor in my leg. I was to undergo a second surgery in 2012 but could not due to financial constraint. Two years later, I was able to go. Before I left, I met with Pastor Dennis, who prayed for me. After the surgery, I received my report. Alarmingly, the report read ‘negative’. In painc, I took it to the Doctor, who explained that the tumor was no longer there. I have been healed. Praise God! 
    Sis. Obioma Akubudeh

    I had come to church on Thursday for the HalleluyahWorship Night with an excruciating pain in my left eye and the left part of my body. But during the service, I totally ignored the pain and worshipped God. I went back home totally healed.    
    Sis. Blessing Joshua

    A year ago, March 19, 2016, I went to work and turned on my oven. As soon as I did, it exploded on my face. It stung so much that I was certain my face was gone. To my amazement however, there was no damage, not a single burn. One week later, the same incident repeated itself and I came out unscathed.
    Sometime in May, 2016, on my way from the Market, I sensed God leading me to go through a different route from my intended route, but I disobeyed because I felt it was longer. On our way, as we were descending a bridge, the brakes of the vehicle I took failed and we came tumbling down. That day, I never got home; I went straight to the hospital. Sadly, the Doctors were careless and were not thorough in their scans. I was discharged with broken ribs and internal bleeding. Through it all, God was merciful and He miraculously healed me.
    Sis. Victoria Nse Paul.

    I thank God for a safe journey to the village and successful sharing of land without dispute. On my return, on Tuesday, I took ill. I was so ill that my medication didn’t work. However, I kept declaring the word of God and by Friday, I was completely healed.
    Dcn. Chinedu Nwachukwu.

    I give God all the glory for the successful wedding ceremony of my daughter, in spite of severe opposition from certain members of my late husband’s family. I want to thank the church for standing by me throughout the ceremony.
    Dcns. Shade Ariran

    I thank God for taking care of my daughter in the US. She graduated with first class honours from The University of Maryland, USA. Praise God!    
    Dcn. Ndubuisi Nwachukwu

    I thank God for answering the prayers that my Pastor prayed for my sister in the UK. During our recently concluded 28-day prayer program, my Sister called and requested that Pastor pray for her. She had a sore throat which had degenerated into a severe chest infection. I came for prayers that fateful Tuesday and Pastor declared her healed. When I spoke to her the following Saturday, She could hardly speak and was not responding to treatment. I called Mama Aity late that night and asked that she and Pastor pray for her and they did. I thank God because after Doxa Night of Glory, she called to tell me that she had fully recovered. Pastor prayed in Nigeria and God answered in the UK.
    Sis. Juliana Chijioke

    Some days after our 28 days prayer program, I was at work on the night shift when my husband called. We had only spoken a while then I lost him and my efforts to call back were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until I returned the following day that I realized that there has been a fire. The prepaid meter fuse in my compound had caught fire.  Being located at the only entrance to the four flats, people were trapped. It got so bad that some had to throw their babies from the top floor. Others jumped down in panic. Smoke filled all the flats and there were tires close by that could have  made escalated the fire. Thankfully, the compound had not been locked for the night and neigbours rallied to douse the flames. I am not entirely certain how they managed it but I know that it could only have been by God’s intevention. God was there to look after my family when I couldn’t.
    Sis. Endurance