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Covenant keys to long life Part Two

Covenant keys to long life Part Two


TEXT: Ps 91:1-2, Col 3:3-4, Deut 32:46-47, Phil 4:6-7, Matt 6:16, Prov 17:22, Ps 149:3, Matt 18:21-22




  • The name of Jesus is a refuge for those who run into Him. In Him, we are safe from sickness, affliction and every attack of the enemy.
  • Christ is your life. For this reason, you need not fear danger or harm. He holds all that concerns you together and nothing can take it apart.
  • The word of God is your life. It is however not enough to just hear it. You need to believe and put it to practice to profit from it.

Covenant Keys to Long Life

    1. Praying.

    2. Prayer helps you to overcome worry, live in good health and prolong your life. You don’t need to pray until something happens. Pray until the burden is lifted, and you find peace.

    3. Fasting

    4. Fasting detoxifies your body and helps you to stay healthy. Regular fasting is God’s will for you. Every disciple must embrace this habit as routine.

    5. Singing

    6. Praise is an antidote to depression. Sing to God not only when you are happy but when you are sad.

    7. Dancing

    8. Dancing keeps you physically fit and lifts your spirit. What fitness experts call aerobics is what we call Praise.

    9. Forgiving

    10. Bitterness is cancer that eats you up from the inside. It poisons your spirit, steals your joy and cuts your life short.

Live with an open heart, forgive all who offend you and be free from malice and offence.

Forgiveness is not a feeling. It is a decision. Choose to let go, and your emotions will line up with time.



Covenant keys to long life
by Dr. Dennis Inyang

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