Faith for the Present Times -Pastor Aity Dennis Inyang

TEXT: Heb 11:1-3, 8-10, Job 22:29,

  • # Faith speaks what we expect not what we see with our natural eyes.
  • # God is the author of faith. He demonstrates faith in that He believes in us even when we continually fail Him. It is this same faith that we live by.
  • # We demonstrate faith in the natural context when we go through our daily routine trusting that this will happen like it is supposed to. We live by faith.
  • # God expects us to take our faith to a deeper level by building it on His word. This helps us to believe in the best even when there is no natural basis.
  • # To survive contrary seasons, we must be intentional about growing our faith. We must seize every opportunity to expose our minds to the word of God.
  • # Faith is following the leading of God even when we do not know where He is taking us. We are called to obey even when we do not have all the details.
  • # Faith is not allowing your past experiences to limit your expectation.
  • # Faith is standing for what you believe even in the face of danger.
  • # Faith is operating by a law that is superior to the one prevailing in your natural environment.
  • # Faith is holding on even when you do not know what is going on.