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Preserved by purpose

Preserved by purpose

TEXT: Rom 12:1-2, Mar 16:15, Luk 10:17, Acts 23:11, Acts 2:46-47, Ex 23:25-26, Matt 25:24-30>


    • The foundation for serving God is your personal consecration. Until you lay your life down at God’s feet, you can’t serve Him.
    • Until there is a shift in your mind, you cannot serve. Kingdom culture is to embrace greatness through service.
    • The greatest service that can be rendered in the kingdom is soul winning. Every other assignment is complementary to the great commission.
    • We are commanded to preach the gospel to every creature. Nobody is too lost to be saved by the grace of God.
    • Joy is the blessing and privilege of every soul winner. Heaven rejoices every time you win a soul and that joy radiates into your life.
    • The preaching of the gospel makes the power of God available. It activates your authority and dominion over demons and evil spirits.
    • The gospel that you preach has the power to deliver you. You will not die as long as you have a message on your lips to deliver on God’s behalf.
    • The soul-winning cycle is not complete until converts are discipled to maturity in the local church then sent out to win others. When you win souls, bring them to church.

When you serve, God will bless you.

Four (4) ways God guarantees to reward you

      1. Sanctification of your food and water

      2. Healing and Divine Health

      3. Fruitfulness in your body and life

      4. Long life

God has given every one something. Discover your gift and use it to serve God by advancing His kingdom. What you do not use, you will lose.

Preserved by purpose
by Dr Dennis Inyang

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