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SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2022

TEXT: Matt 4:10, Rom 12:1, Rom 40;13, Rom 13:14, Mark 3:13-15, Rom 12:6, Luk 8:1-3


# There is a connection between worship and service. They are both acts of surrender. You cannot claim to worship God and not also serve Him.

# Serving God is a privilege. He does not need our service so we should feel honoured to have the opportunity to do so.

# Serving God is a responsibility. Responsibility is a sign of growth and proof of your maturity as a child of God.

# Serving God is an investment. You cannot serve God and not be rewarded for it. There is a special blessing attached to service.

# You are saved to serve. It is not enough to blessed by Him. You must be willing to make a contribution in furtherance of His mandate.

How to serve God

# Service starts with your body. You cannot serve God until you completely yield your body to God as a sacrifice. Consecration is the foundation of acceptable service.

# You must serve God with your time. Your life is measured in time and so you cannot really give God your life until He has your time. Your deployment depends on your availability.

# Serve God with your talent, skills and spiritual gifts. The King needs the service of skillful ministers. There is something that you have that will make a difference in the kingdom. What you do not use, you lose.

# Serve God with your money. His expectation is that those who are bless by ministry finance it. Giving is also a valid expression of ministry.

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