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SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2022

TEXT: Isah 45:3, 2 Ki 4:1-7, Hos 4:6, Ecc 10:5


  • The path to prosperity is not always obvious. God desires to reveal to you the secret places where the wealth of the earth is hidden.

  • Wealth is hidden in people. Wherever people are found, there is an opportunity to prosper. Business is finding a way to get people to give you their money in exchange for value.

  • Money is hidden in problems. You will prosper by providing solutions to issues that plague people. Your value lies in the problems that you can solve.

  • Your prosperity is hidden in your natural endowments. Every talent that God has given to you is an asset. Do not neglect it. Discover, develop and deploy it.

  • Money is hidden in your brain. It is not enough to work hard, you also need to work smart. You must challenge yourself to think productively.

  • Wealth is hidden in opportunities. When God desires to prosper a man, He opens a door of opportunity. Our prosperity is tied to our ability to recognise and exploit it.

  • Wealth is hidden in time. There are levels of success that answer only to time. Discover your path and stay on it long enough to reach your goal. Your prosperity also lies in how you spend your time today.

  • The journey to prosperity begins with a discovery. Knowledge gives you access to wealth. The difference between the rich and the poor is what they know.

  • There is no mystery to prosperity. Find something of value that you have, put a price on it and live on the rest. The world is a marketplace. Everybody must learn to sell!

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