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TEXT: Matt 13:20-21, Gen 15:8-11, James 1:2-4, Heb 11:13, Ezek 12:21-23, Heb 11:17, 1 Pet 1:6-8, 1 Cor 10:13


  • When the enemy sends adversity, it is on account of the word that you have received. If he cannot keep you from understanding what God has said, he will try to cause you to doubt it.

  • The only assurance that we have that God will keep his promise is the covenant. For this reason, Satan tries to attack the foundation of the covenant. Don’t allow him!

  • Adversity is not meant to destroy you. Trials come to help you grow to maturity. The more exposed you are to challenges, the faster you’ll develop. The enemy does not understand this so he continues to attack us.

  • The reason that God does not prevent adversity is that it works together for our good. The enemy means it for evil but God ultimately turns it around for our benefit.

Ways that our faith is tried

  1. When your circumstances contradict scripture – Being a child of God does not mean that all your troubles will disappear. The question is whether we will hold on to what we believe or yield to our experiences.

  2. When your prayers seem unanswered – It matters what you believe when you don’t receive what you’ve asked God for. It does not mean that He is not real or has forsaken you. You must believe that He is at work even when you don’t have the answer yet.

  3. When the word is prolonged – There is a tendency to lose confidence when the vision tarries. Don’t give up. Wait for it. God will hasten it and it won’t come a moment later than it needs to.

  4. When the unrighteous prosper – It can sometimes feel like it is foolish to be faithful to God when the godless by comparison appears to be making better progress. Be encouraged. Faith triumphs in the end.

  5. When God calls us to do what is beyond our ability – There are times when it feels like what God lays in your heart is impossible or too hard. Trust God for grace to do what he has asked of you.

  6. When the righteous live at variance with their confession – You must understand that every man is saved by grace. Jesus, not man is our pattern. Pursue Him wholeheartedly no matter what anyone else does.

  7. When God makes unreasonable demands – Can you trust God enough to give him all you have? Can you let go of that which represents your future, knowing that he has a plan and will supply all your needs?

  • God has a purpose for every trial. If He has allowed it, He will use it to make you better than you were before it came.

  • Trials refine and polish your faith. They reveal the genuineness of your trust in God and play a crucial part in fulfilling God’s purposes in your life.

  • The trials that come your way, are an indication of the level of your strength. If God allows a challenge to confront you, it is because he knows that He has given you sufficient capacity to handle it.

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