Welcome To Sure Word Assembly

Pastor Aity and Dennis InyangWhat a joy it is today to specially welcome you to Sure Word Assembly, a lively congregation of God’s people. Our commission is to raise a new generation of champions who are passionate for God, winning in life and changing the world. Our vision is to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of ministries.

If you are looking for a Pentecostal church where the undiluted word is taught to empower you to excel in life and be all you were created be; if you are searching for an environment that can nurture your faith to do the impossible; if your heart yearns for a fellowship that can draw you into a deeper intimacy with God and help you to live in the light of eternity; if you are searching for where you can find encouragement and platform to serve the Lord, then welcome to SURE WORD ASSEMBLY.

Obviously drawing from the teaching ministry of the Presiding Pastor, Dr. Dennis Inyang, and the music ministry of his wife, Pastor Aity, Sure Word offers a powerful combination of the Word and Worship. With a strong plural leadership and diversified ministries, plus an excellent faith-environment, the church has become the first choice for the cream of her community. Every service in Sure Word is always a great experience!

If you are new to Sure Word, we invite you to spend a little time to discover this great church. Please follow the links and if there is anything more you would like to know, kindly make the enquiries. Have a lovely experience!

Upcoming Events

A Word in Season by Dr. Dennis Inyang

AWIS March1


You must have heard of the word “scapegoat”. In case you haven’t, it refers to one who is punished on the behalf of others. The root of it is God’s instruction to Aaron to present two goats before Him on the day of atonement. One goat was chosen by lot to be the scapegoat. Aaron…

A Word in Season 2


Mark Caine it was that said that the first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. His assertion could not be more relevant than now when everything around us seems to conspire against our dreams and aspirations. That is normal, anyway,…


Words on Marble

(Quotes by Dr. Dennis Inyang)

The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by who God is and by what He does for us, not by who we are and by what we do for Him.

Your value does not lie in your similarity with another but in your unique difference. Until your thinking is different, your life cannot be different.

A man should be comfortable in depending on his wife for counsel, help, support etc.

To curb unemployment, citizens must set up small businesses and employ others.

You are not a product of mass production. You were manufactured by God for a specific purpose.

Righteousness is not what you do, it is who you are.

The future is not an accident; you will need to make it happen.

We are not fighting a new battle, we are only ENFORCING our victory.

There are no menial jobs; there are only menial attitudes.

Do your projects by faith; live daily by wisdom.

Leverage on your skills. Public relation will not help you where your skill is inadequate. Be terribly good at what you do.

The word of God is not for forensic analysis.

Real faith is not waiting to receive more; it’s making use of the little you have trusting God that it will be enough. It’s amazing what God can do with the little in your hands if you let Him.

In marriage, copy PRINCIPLES, not EXAMPLES. No two marriages are the same.

God worked HARD for six days non stop, and rested only on the seventh day. Lazy folks would rather work for one day and rest for six days! In your journey to prosperity, there is no substitute to hard work.

Your wife is a reflection of who you are as a man.

When God is your lifeline, eternal help is guaranteed.

Every man is his own prophet. The poor are prophets of doom; the rich are prophets of boom.

While you have no control over the evidence the devil throws at you, the choice is yours on what to believe. Don’t let the devil deceive you with false evidence. Believe God’s word concerning every aspect of your life. THAT IS ALL THE EVIDENCE YOU NEED.

When we go wrong, we don’t lose our salvation, we lose our fellowship. When we come back, we don’t get ‘born again’ again, we receive restoration.

God does not want us to succeed in other things and fail in our homes. The test of a man’s success is success in his home.

In this life, God has not put everyone on one queue. If you don’t want to stand behind anyone, FORM YOUR OWN LINE!

There is absolutely NO problem in marriage that cannot be resolved if the couple are amenable. The mistake couples make is to ignore the first signs of marital distress until it gets out of hand.

As a Wife, Christ is not the head of your home.Your Husband is.

To be the best, the bread must patiently wait in the oven for the dough to rise.

During courtship, people make extra efforts to be nice. There is no way to really know someone until you get married. Once married, the real person begins to surface. Marrying someone is faith in action.

More marriages break from what is said than from what is done.

Wives are not to be controlled by their husbands. Husbands are to provide leadership for them to do the right things.

Strong men don’t beat their wives.

We are prophets of our destinies. Divorce should be a forbidden word in a good home.

Progress is consistently putting one foot after another.

Take responsibility for the success of your marriage; both husband and wife should have the mindset that it depends on them, not even on God.

Build a solid foundation for your marriage starting with the decision that divorce is no option. Make sure the person you want to commit to does so too.

Whatever happens, never utter these words: “I regret marrying you”, “I should have married someone else”.

It is a lie to think that a woman will submit to you if you have money.

Threatening each other with divorce is prophesying the wrong thing. It attracts a divorce demon. If you keep talking it, one day you will act it out.

Excellence will always be in high demand. Whatever you do, please do it well because someday, the world will come looking for you.

If you cannot appreciate God for a loaf of bread, you will still not appreciate Him even when He gives you Bakery. Gratitude is an Attitude.

Service is a limit breaker.

Keep your eyes on the prize (have a clear picture of what is before you).

You can not live your life around church and miss your way.

If your spouse is not involved in serving God, that marriage is in danger.

One of the greatest skills you can acquire in life is the skill to say NO when you need to, not minding who does or does not agree with you.

As a manly man, your wife should be comfortable staying around you.

No child is a mistake! Born in/out of wedlock, the parents could have made a mistake, not the child.

In life, faith is very important but sometimes, attitude can do for you what faith may not do. Develop the right attitudes.

Get people saved before you change their dressing.

The more you meet the needs of people, the richer you will become.

Being a man is a responsibility.

Marriage is typically team work. Therefore, one of the qualities of a good marriage is COLLABORATION, not necessarily CO-OPERATION.

You are not a product of mass production. You were manufactured by God for a specific purpose.

A manly man is a spiritual man.

Even from the disappointments and failures of the past, you will recognize the finger of God fashioning out something beautiful for you.

The only thing that guarantees your success is YOUR FAITH