We have several fellowships to cater for the diverse needs of our growing membership. In these groups, members are challenged to apply the Word to every area of their lives, care for one another and share the gospel with others. Therefore, to really benefit from your membership of SURE WORD, you need to join any of our fellowship groups:

WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE: for married women (including widows, divorced or separated)

MEN OF EXCELLENCE: for married men (including widowers, divorced or separated)

EXCELLERS FELLOWSHIP: for unmarried ladies and gentlemen from twenty years upwards.

PACESETTERS FELLOWSHIP: for unmarried youths in their teens


SURE WORD ASSEMBLY is not an “adult only” church; the children have a special place too. Cared for by educated and trained teachers, they hold their service simultaneously with adults and enjoy exciting activities all year round.


With a strong plural leadership and a diversified ministry, SURE WORD ASSEMBLY actively reaches out to different specialised groups within her congregation and the community.


SURE WORD has a ministry to professionals, called Professionals Network International (ProNet Int’l) which provides a platform for networking, training and mentoring. It also gives us an opportunity to share the gospel in a non-church environment.

Strategic seminars are held periodically and, in every meeting, members are challenged to embrace best and ethical practices, and to be the best in their field.


Weekly, we hold a specialized wealth creation service, Access to Wealth, to equip our members with biblical principles for prosperity and challenge them to start their own business. We teach good money skills and investment options.

Through his Faith Based Organisation, Excel Africa, Pastor Dennis Inyang also takes Access to Wealth Seminar around the city, nation and the African continent to confront the scourge of poverty.


In SURE WORD ASSEMBLY, youths are taught the value of good education and encouraged to go to school. A scholarship programme was instituted in 2008 for indigent students and many youths have benefitted from it already. With the scholarship programme, the church also reaches out to the community as many of the beneficiaries are non members.