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SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2022

TEXT: Phil 3:10-11, Luk 24:1-7, Rom 5:6-11, John 12:24, 1 Cor 15:35-54, Rom 8:11


  • Not only did Jesus die for us. We died with Him at Calvary and resurrected with Him on the third day. The deeper our understanding of this experience the more of a reality it becomes in our lives.

  • God’s word will never fail. Jesus died and rose on the third day just as He said that He would. All the plans of hell and schemes of man could not stop His promise from coming to pass.

  • The stone was rolled away not for Jesus’ benefit. The same power that raised Him could have brought him out regardless. It was rolled away for our benefit, so we could see that the grave was empty.

  • Jesus did not die for Himself. He had no sin and did not deserve death. He died on account of our sins and failings. He was the perfect sacrifice for the redemption of humanity.

  • Christ died to bring many sons to glory. God sacrificed His only begotten son so that he might gain many more. The power of resurrection causes multiplication if we are willing to let go of what we have.

  • When Jesus rose, He did so with an incorruptible, immortal, spiritual body different from the natural one that died. We are heirs of His divine nature and will also be resurrected to new bodies like His on the last day.

  • The power of resurrection is available to us today. Even though our bodies do not change until later, the spirit that makes that possible is also able to bring life to our natural body and present circumstances.

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